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Windows Media Player with Comprehensive Format Support

VLC Media Player is considered one of the world's best players since it can play almost any audio and video format. This media player most outstanding feature is that it brings its own codecs pack which makes it compatible with all media files you may come across. Its interface is very simple and intuitive with easy handling but advanced features such as client-streaming service that lets you send a video signal over the Internet. VLC Media Player also offers the possibility to add/change subtitles and to handle multiple audio tracks.


VLC Media Player Review

Happens all the time, our friends tell us about a strange and fascinating film (generally old black-and-white classic) they've watched and they speak so enthusiastically about it that we decide to download and watch it, however finding such piece of multimedia is not always so easy and we end up downloading it in an uncommon format that our regular player denies to play. Frustration shows us its ugly face.


So, in this article I am going to tell you about a free media player its main features and capabilities. VLC Media Player most outstanding feature is its extensive support for a myriad of different multimedia file formats. This open-source and cross-platform media player can play from most common audio files like mp3 to less know ones like Alaw/µlaw, from popular video like AVI or MPEG to other not so popular as Matroska (MKV). It also stands out for its stable performance. Just these two characteristics, extensive format support and stability are enough to understand why 144 million users grabbed a copy of it so far.